Consult with Rosanna 

For Optimal Well-Being



Do you feel confused about which foods to eat

for cleansing, weight loss or vitality?

Do you suffer from health conditions you 

want to overcome?   Are you ready

to upgrade your body & mind

for well-being and extended longevity?





With this series of 4 consultations, you will have the encouragement & commitment to make real changes in your habits & achieve the goals you set for yourself to deeply detox, nourish and restore your body for every purpose.   Choose between a phone call or skype once a week for 1 month or every other week for 2 months.

  • 4 hours of my personal attention in conversation / Q&A

  • Meal Plans ~ Dietary Guidelines ~ Recipes 

  • Herb, Supplement & Superfood Recommendations


4 sessions - $500.00  = $100 savings!

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Radical  Alchemy - Cancer Recovery Consultation 
In 2014 I was diagnosed with an advanced, rare form of breast cancer.  Somehow, I knew that if I had cancer I was going to overcome it, live well and long and find ways to support others to do the same. Together we will explore your specific condition, cleansing methods, lifestyle habits, meal plans/diet, herbs/supplements, discuss your current protocols and potential recovery options. I will share what I've learned upon my own path of research and treatment using integrative methods, successfully proven labs, scans, and a variety of alternative therapies, combined with targeted supplements, food as medicine, proper mindset & healthy lifestyle changes - longevity is possible. 
1  session $150.00  or 4 sessions -$500.00
Radical Alchemy ~ My Body ~ My Temple  40-day

Are you ready for a fully embodied spiritual journey?         

Learn to transform every cell, thought & emotion with the best of modern science & ancient wisdom offering treasuries of the knowledge of the body as the vehicle of Ascension.  Included are meal plans, methods of purification, daily communions, sacred practices and more...

Practices for the attainment of higher knowledge can only be realized by deeply purifying, nourishing the body & elevating our life force, energy body through the voltage in each cell & neuron.

4 sessions within a 40-day guided journey  - $500

(+ your 40-day transformation/cleanse supplies)

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In this session I offer my experience as a Natural Chef in using food as medicine, we discuss your current well-being, typical food intake, your health goals & desired outcomes and design a food program best suited to you. I offer practical, personally tailored suggestions including, diet/nutrition, targeted supplements, and herbs to enhance the physical quality of your life - alleviate pain & allergies, extend longevity and even enhance your spiritual potential and subtle organs of perception. It's time for you to achieve greater health, clarity & balance through natural foods. We can balance blood sugar, lower cholesterol,  reduce inflammation, facilitate weight loss, increase muscle mass, improve skin tone and more.                                                                                                         $150.00
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  Shop & Cook

For those living in the San Francisco Bay Area... 

in these consults, I come to your home and we:


~ Organize & check the shelf-life of pantry goods ​

~ Asses any food or ingredient concerns​

~ Create a menu & go shopping together ​

~ I demonstrate how to prepare a meal while you assist



Nutritional Cooking
Cosmetic Oils
Personal Essential Oil Consultation
As a trained holy oil practitioner, I'm keenly aware of the use and effects of essential oils which possess crystalline structures that carry light, energy, and information in the form of fragrant oil. These oils have been proven to benefit the immune, nervous, circulatory, digestive and various subtle systems of the physical body as well as expanding the auric field and consciousness of the individual.   A personal blend results from a discussion of your emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical needs and desires. Oils are specially selected and blended based upon that information. We then determine the duration of use and a personal application routine.  Usage recommendations may include diffuse aromatics, topical application, bathing, ingesting and implants.              $150.00
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